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Please see our answers to the most frequently asked questions we receive! If a question you have is not answered, please feel free to reach out to us by email. We are always happy to answer!

Do you only service the Campbell River area?

We are always looking for unique properties! While a majority of our properties are in Campbell River because that was our initial starting area, we are open to managing properties in other locations- the best way to find out is to send us an email.

We are currently looking for properties in other areas in Vancouver Island, Kelowna, the Kootenay's and Ontario (particularly the Barrie area).


Will you manage long-term properties?

Unfortunately,  our current focus is on short-term rentals.


Do you have an ideal property?

We prefer to manage properties that align with our specific brand. Our preferred properties are:

  • In sought after locations OR/

  • Are unique in their build, materials or interior design OR/

  • Have mountain/ocean views, are in wooded areas, secluded, close to rivers OR/ on acreage.


We are thinking of renting our home and are unsure of how much we can make...

The amount that a typical home makes is dependant on the style of the home, the size of the home, and the location. We assess properties on an individual basis to provide home owners with a more accurate response. If you are looking for detailed information, please reach out by email for a free discovery call.


How do you manage bookings? Do you take direct bookings or do you work with a platform?

While our future plans may include taking direct bookings we currently primarily manage via AirBNB. We find it is the most popular platform for booking- as this is where travellers typically look first. 


How long does it typically take to get my airbnb up and running?

While it typically takes on average 4 weeks, this is dependant on the amount of work required for a specific home. 


Do you provide support with design and marketing?

We do everything from supporting you with decorating and designing your space to maximize potential revenue to ensuring the home is fully stocked with everything you need to get stellar reviews.  Beyond the marketing that occurs by airbnb, we primarily used facebook and instagram to get the word out about your property.


What makes you different from other property management companies?

The difference between our company and others is :

(1) we like to get to know our home owners- we know home owners like to put faces to the names of the hosts who will be caring for one of their most important investments. We treat every home like it is ours and focus on finer details and personal touches. 

(2) We have a lot to offer, from support with interior decorating to exclusive guest books and social media marketing. 

Let's Work Together

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