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Retreat Vacation Rentals and Property Management provides unique full service property management services across Canada, currently specializing on the west coast. As professional hosts we take care of all the finer details; our services include helping you stage your home, creating & managing your listing, guest screening & communication, managing cleaning & maintenance, advertising and so much more. Our services provide clients with a seamless and stress-free experience so you can get back to the things you enjoy most- all while optimizing the returns from your home. 

Interior Designing

Onboarding Package

Ideal for clients who do not want long-term property management of their short-term rental but would like support getting their vacation rental up and running.

Package includes:

a. Comprehensive Market- Analysis & Recommendations

b. Remote interior decorating consulting

b. Professional Photography

c. Account Creation & turn-key listing development

d. Physical and Digital Guidebook

e. Access to exclusive checklists required for successful launch.

Offered as a flat fee depending on scope of work for each individual client*

Partial Management

Ideal for clients who would like ongoing management services but plan to manage the cleaning and maintenance of the property.

Package includes:

 Everything in the " Get You Started Package"


a. Price optimization using real-market data & professional pricing software

b. Search Engine Optimization Software

c. Professional Guest Communication & Support utilizing the best software.

d. Access to your own host dashboard- so you can monitor your progress

e. Suite preparedness assessment- to ensure everything is top notch prior to launch.

f. Social Media Advertising


Initial Start-up fee + % Monthly Management fee

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Full Management

Ideal for clients who want all aspects of management cared for. Includes everything in the "Get You Started Package" and "Partial"


a. Professional, Reliable Cleaning + Stocking

b. Maintenance Support

c. Exclusive Guest Experiences (Where Available)

d. Family and Friend Pricing

Initial Start-up Fee + % Monthly Management Fee

Enjoying Outdoor

Online DIY COURSE- Coming Soon

Ideal for clients who want do not want property management services but are ready to list their short-term rental and are unsure of how to get started and who would like to learn how to increase their success. Starting the journey alone can sometimes be daunting- in this course, we use our education and experience to show you how to successfully launch an airbnb business. 


Will be offered for a flat fee.


Enjoying Outdoor


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Additional Offerings

Retreat Vacation Rentals and Property Management is proud to also offer stand-alone services that can be purchased regardless of whether you are an ongoing client this includes:


+ Small website development (own domain) for your vacation rental using WIX

+ Comprehensive Market-  Analysis for potential homebuyers looking to invest in short-term rentals
+ Development of a comprehensive guidebook for your guests 

Please inquire if interested.

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lets work together.

If you are looking for management services or just have a few questions for now, please reach out to us about booking a free discovery call.

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