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about retreat 

Retreat Vacation Rentals, established in 2021, is a duo of property management experts specializing in transforming homes into unique vacation destinations. We cater to discerning homeowners ready to invest in long-term success. With our expertise in marketing, interior design, and hospitality, we ensure your property stands out and optimizes your revenue. We're not just about business; we're about matching values and ensuring a perfect fit for a successful partnership.

Retreat Vacation Rentals and Property Management specializes in comprehensive short-term rental property management services across Canada, with a particular focus on the West Coast. Our expertise as professional hosts covers every aspect of short term rental property management. We ensure your home is beautifully staged, and your listing is professionally managed—from guest screening and communication to overseeing cleaning, maintenance, and strategic marketing. Our all-encompassing services are designed to provide a seamless hosting experience, freeing you to enjoy life's pleasures while we optimize your property's revenue.

Our collaboration is exclusively with vacation home owners, aiming to deliver a flawless and effortless hosting experience. We are passionate about showcasing unique vacation properties that encapsulate the West Coast spirit or provide a serene wellness retreat. We take pride in featuring homes in coveted locations that boast personal flair, enriched with artistic touches, and innovative use of wood and natural, unconventional design elements. At Retreat Vacation Rentals, your property transforms into more than just a space—it becomes a destination that promises unforgettable experiences.

Retreat Vacation Rentals and Property Management not only excels in managing and showcasing your vacation property but also brings to the table experience in collaborating with local governments. This unique partnership has allowed us to play a role in shaping the regulatory environment for short-term rentals in some jurisdictions. As a result, we possess deep expertise in navigating the legalities of operating short-term rentals within jurisdictions that have specific exemptions and regulations. Our thorough understanding ensures that your property not only meets but exceeds the legal requirements, providing peace of mind and a secure investment. With Retreat Vacation Rentals, you benefit from our proactive approach to compliance and our commitment to maintaining the highest standards of legality and operational excellence.



our story

Welcome! Lina and Dan are a husband-wife duo bringing experience in customer service, construction, building engineering/design, building asset management, long-term rental property management, renovations and interior design.  

Dan has degrees in Real Estate and Housing as well as in Civil Engineering. He is an engineer (non-practising) that specialized in building science and building asset management. Dan has extensive experience working with contractors, municipalities, stratas/condo corps, and larger property management companies for the upkeep of multi-million dollar building portfolios. Dan also has a keen passion for extraordinary homes and has experience abroad building strawbale, rammed earth, and earthship homes. 


Lina has experience providing consults to clients on interior decorating for short-term rentals and has taken courses with Quill Decor. Prior to Retreat Vacation Rentals, Lina completed a Masters degree in Social Work and has experience in customer service, which helps her to engage and understand client's needs. Together, Daniel and Lina have completed 5 personal renovation projects ranging from cosmetic to full gut renovations as well as collectively managed properties with long- term leases. With this experience, Lina has developed a keen eye for interior home design and staging. Lina's most recently owned & staged home received 10 purchase offers in just 24 hours.  

Together they enjoy collecting experiences on the road and sharing their love of travel. This provides them with an understanding of what travellers are looking for when exploring new places and how to successfully host.  

When they are not not managing properties they can be found exploring the west coast with their two daughters & yellow lab.

Thank you for considering us as your property managers and hosts.

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